Self-Catering Holiday Cottages in the Peak District National Park, Derbyshire

Around Cotterill Farm                                                                                    

We have a small woodland and 12 acres of pasture, for grazing sheep, for hay and a wild flower meadow.

The fields are mostly surrounded by Biggin Dale (NATIONAL TRUST) which is a nature reserve managed by English Nature. A footpath runs through the reserve and after just over a mile it reaches the famous River Dove

You can turn left down Wolfscote Dale, taking an excellent riverside path beside the River Dove past towering cliffs on either side; the path eventually leads you to the most famous dale of the Peak, Dovedale

Here you will discover sheer pinnacles of rock, lions heads, caves and more. Alternatively you can turn right, walking most of the length of Wofscote Dale before coming to the pastures and further towering cliffs of Beresford Dale, eventually reaching after an hour's walking the honeypot village of Hartington, where teas, snacks and drinks can be enjoyed, before a walk back over a really impresssive bridleway back to Cotterill farm. 

The walk downstream to Dovedale and upstream through Wolfscote and Beresford dale to Hartington are equally attractive and popular. Or with the advent of 'Open Access' you can now walk all these dales from up above, offering great scenic views, and away from 'the strollers' down below.  Incidentally Bereford Dale is famous for its fishing temple where Isaac Walton and Charles Cotton whiled away their time and wrote the famous 17th century fishing 'bible' - the Complete Angler


By way of explanation, a Dale is a valley through which rivers flow or in the past have flowed. In the latter case, the rivers have seeped underground through the limestone base and run underneath the ground, bubbling up during wet winters. 

The Manifold Valley is a great example of a river that half way along its length, suddenly vanishes underground, re-appearing some four miles later at Ilam Hall. The point at which it vanishes varies as the flow of water decreases during the summer months.

BIGGIN VILLAGE its self  has a local pub , A  Counrty House Hotel ,  A Church  and childrens play ground .

Acces to the Tissington Cycle trail is off the main village rd.

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